Campaigning in Texas..(Texas Truth)

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It begins...

The run-off election has already begun, I'm sure you've seen some great negative campaigning that the other camp swears they don't do.. but if your reading this...that was just one example.

It seems that residents in Pearland MUST actually *be* from Pearland to be accepted. At least that is what these people would have you believe. However, if you look around, Pearland is the type of City people come to move here to live, work and raise a family. Should we be expecting nasty editorials about those people that chose Pearland to settle down as well? I would hope not. Don't let a few bad apples ruin the reputation that Pearland has striven for so long. We are one of the fastest growing Cities for a reason.

Friends and neighbors, I've lived here in Pearland for over 10 years. It's quite obvious I've been extremely active in our community. I didn't wake up one day thinking that the only way I could possibly give back is to run for City Council, by way of those City Boards, which by the way is down right impossible to get appointed to...unless of course you "know someone".

And again, I've been told by many residents that they do not want to be a City of "who you know".

I'll update you on the campaign and as always...with the TRUTH.